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Commandant Message

Military College of Signals (MCS) is one of the oldest and distinguished academic institutions with rich history traced back to the year of independence. MCS was established in 1947 and was affiliated with UET Lahore from 1977 to mid 90s. NUST was established in 1991 and MCS was selected as the 1st constituent college of NUST. Besides, it is premier institution of Pakistan Army in the fields of Communication, IT, Information Assurance, Cyber Security and Cryptology. MCS enjoys one of the best undergraduate pass and outstanding postgraduate and doctoral success rates. This is the legacy of success and achievement which has defined MCS for generations.
Dear Students, MCS maintains a very conducive academic environment through community of highly educated and qualified academicians, skilled administrators and dedicated support staff. We have highly qualified faculty including 30 PhDs with rich experience both in teaching and research. We are equipped with state of the art labs with qualified staff. We are maintaining well-resourced library with 24 hours internet connectivity and large number of books, magazines and journals. We provide students with ample opportunities to show their talent in other fields including debates, sports performing arts etc through different clubs/societies and well-articulated/ planned ECAs. We have academic linkages of different standards with more than a dozen of foreign universities and local industries. MCS, with its progressive and innovative look, is envisaged to grow as a modern centre of excellence for research and development in the fields of Communication, IT and Information Security.
Dear Friends… We are fully engaged in the generation, dissemination and applications of knowledge in the fields of Communication, IT and Information Security through all available capabilities and resources to enhance the understating and wisdom of our students and make them knowledgeable and skilled resource. We are focused to produce graduates who are academically and socially acceptable in any part of the world. They are responsible, value respect, morally correct, motivated citizens and patriotic nationalist, who are committed to the values of human understanding and service to society. MCS focuses and value moral and character strengths and does not tolerate religious or racist or sectarian prejudices or a behavior unbecoming of a respectable person. In MCS, clean habits will earn you great respect and acceptance. Join MCS and it will surely be a rewarding and defining moments in your life.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​