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Abdul Rauf

Adjunct Faculty
  • Military College of Signals

Dr. Abdul Rauf did his PhD in Telecommunication Engineering from University of Sheffield

Academic Background
PhD ((Telecomm Engg)) University of Sheffield - June 06, 2011
Honours and Awards
Cluster based resource management using H-NOMA in heterogeneous networks beyond 5G October 01, 2023 Umar Ghafoor, Humayum Zubair Khan, Adil Masood Siddiqui, Mudassar Ali, Abdul Rauf, Arif Wahla, Muhammad Naeem, Ad Hoc Networks - Volume 149, Article Number 103252
Bandwidth Enhancement and Generation of CP of Yagi-Uda-Shape Feed on a Rectangular DRA for 5G Applications November 04, 2022 Inam Bari, Javed Iqbal, Haider Ali, Abdul Rauf, Muhammad Bilal, Naveed Jan, Usman Ilahi, Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Amir Khan, Rania M. Ghoniem , Micromachines - Volume 13(11), Article Number 1913
Mutual Coupling Reduction through Defected Ground Structure in Circularly Polarized, Dielectric Resonator-Based MIMO Antennas for Sub-6 GHz 5G Applications July 01, 2022 Anwar ali, Jijun Tong, Javed Iqbal, Usman Illahi, Abdul Rauf, Saeed Ur Rehman, Haider Ali, Muhammad Mansoor Qadir, Muhammad Amir Khan, Rania M. Ghoniem , Micromachines - Volume 13, Issue 7, Article Number 1082
Hybrid Underwater Intelligent Communication System March 12, 2022 Kinza Noor, HIfsa Shahid, Hafiz Muhammad Obaid, Abdul Rauf, Amna Shahid, Abdullah Shahid, Wireless Personal Communications - Pages 1-20
A Compact 28 GHz Millimeter Wave Antenna for Future Wireless Communication February 24, 2022 Shahid Khan, Adil Bashir, Haider Ali, Abdul Rauf, Mohamed Marey, Hala Mustafa, Ikram Syed, Computers, Materials and Continua - Volume 72, No.1, Pages 301-314
A multi-slotted 2-element quadband MIMO antenna for 4G and 5G applications May 31, 2021 Maryam Rasool, Imran Rashid, Abdul Rauf , Adil Masood, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti, Bilal Ijaz, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications - Pages 1-16
Mitigating service-oriented attacks using context-based trust for smart cities in IoT networks May 01, 2021 Ayesha Altaf, Haider Abbas, Faiza Iqbal, Malik Muhammad Zaki Murtaza, Abdul Rauf, Tehsin Kanwal, Journal of Systems Architecture - Volume:115, Article Number: 102028
Reconfigurable Compact Wideband Circularly Polarised Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless Applications April 13, 2021 Shahid Khan, Xin Cheng Ren, Haider Ali, Camel Tanougast, Abdul Rauf , Safdar Nawaz Khan Marwat, Muhammad Rizwan Anjum, CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua - Volume 68, No. 2, Pages 2095-2109
Two element MIMO antenna with frequency reconfigurable characteristics utilizing RF MEMS for 5G applications May 18, 2020 Muhammad Mateen Hassan, Zeeshan Zahid, Adnan Ahmed Khan, Imran Rashid, Abdul Rauf, Moazam Maqsood, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications - Volume 34, Issue 9, Pages 1210-1224
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Design of ultra-wide tetra band phased array inverted T-shaped patch antennas using DGS with beam-steering capabilities for 5G applications January 14, 2020 Muhammad Anas, Hifsa Shahid, Abdul Rauf, Abdullah Shahid, International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies - Pages 1-12
Efficient materials for thin-film CdTe solar cell based on back surface field and distributed Bragg reflector January 01, 2020 Syed Asfandyar Ali Kazmi, Aimal Daud Khan, Adnan Daud Khan, Abdul Rauf, Waqas Farooq, Muhammad Noman, Haider Ali, Applied Physics A - Volume 126, Article Number 46
Super absorption of solar energy using a plasmonic nanoparticle based CdTe solar cell October 27, 2019 Qandeel Rehman, Aimal Daud Khan, Adnan Daud Khan, Muhammad Noman, Haider Ali, Abdul Rauf, Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad, RSC Advances - Volume 9, Issue 59, Pages 34207-34213
A novel UWB MIMO antenna array with band notch characteristics using parasitic decoupler October 23, 2019 Muhammad Mateen Hassan, Maryam Rasool, Muhammad Umair Asghar, Zeeshan Zahid, Adnan Ahmed Khan, Imran Rashid, Abdul Rauf, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications - Pages 1-12
Forensic Investigation to detect forgeries in ASF Files of Contemporary IP Cameras April 26, 2018 Rashid Masood Khan, Waseem Iqbal, Muhammad Faisal Amjad, HAIDER ABBAS, Hammad Afzal, Abdul Rauf, Maroof Pasha, The Journal of Supercomputing - Page 1–22
Migration from Copper to Fiber Access Network using Passive Optical Network for Green and Dry Field Areas of Pakistan September 01, 2015 Umar Farooq, Sajid Bashir, Tauseef Tasneem, Abdul Saboor, Abdul Rauf, International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering - Volume-5 Issue-4, Pages 118-128
Cyber Security: An Essential Element of National Security January 02, 2013 Narmeen Shafqat, Abdul Rauf , Ashraf Masood , Pakistan Army Green Book - Pages 1-26
Inter Cloud Interoperability Use Cases and Gaps in Corresponding Standards August 17, 2020 - August 22, 2020 Dr Abdul Rauf, Dr. Haider Abbas, Muhammad Faisal Amjad, Syed Imran Akhtar, Dr Abdul Rauf, Dr. Haider Abbas, Muhammad Faisal Amjad, Syed Imran Akhtar, 2020 IEEE Intl Conf on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing, Intl Conf on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing, Intl Conf on Cloud and Big Data Computing, Intl Conf on Cyber Science and Technology Congress
Associate Professor NUST August 01, 2018 -
Head of Faculty / CI NUST October 01, 2015 - August 01, 2018
Head of Department NUST July 01, 2012 - October 01, 2015
Associate Professor NUST September 01, 2011 - July 01, 2012
Assistant Professor NUST January 01, 2004 - September 01, 2011
Lecturer NUST August 01, 1999 - January 01, 2004