Faculty Abdul Razzaque

Abdul Razzaque

HOD Department of Humanities & Basic Sciences
  • Military College of Signals
  • 0519271504

Dr. Abdul Razzaque is an accomplished academic leader currently serving as the Head of Department for Quantum Information Sciences (QIS) at the Military College of Signals (MCS), a campus of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). With a background in Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence, he holds a postgraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and earned his MS and PhD in IT (Cyber Security) from SEECS-NUST. Dr. Razzaque has also completed a Post-Doctoral program in Cyber Security and Al in the UK. He has held various instructional and staff positions within the Ministry of Defense, including G-1 (Information Assurances) within the C41 Dte at GHQ, and has extensive experience in educational leadership, notably as the Head of Department at PMA and NUTECH. As the Chairman of the Technical Committee for IT Service Management and IT Governance at PSQCA and President of the "Quantum Warfare" committee, he has contributed significantly to the fields of IT and cyber security. His dedication to Quantum Information Sciences is evident through his introduction of Quantum Cryptography courses at NUST (MCS) and ongoing efforts to develop BS and MS programs in Quantum Technology. Dr. Abdul Razzaque's career exemplifies his commitment to advancing IT, Cyber Security, and Quantum Technology.

Academic Background
PhD (Information Technology (Cyber Security)) NUST, Islamabad February 17, 2009 - February 20, 2014
Honours and Awards
Silver Medal Silver Medal in Master of Information Technology
Gold Medal/ Role of Honor Gold Medal/ Role of Honor: First Position in MSc Mathematics (GC Lahore)
Dynamical behavior of cancer cell densities in two dimensional domain by the representation theory of solitons March 05, 2023 Muhammad Sajid Iqbal, Nauman Ahmed, Rishi Naeem, Ali Akgül, Abdul Razzaque, Mustafa Inc, Hina Khurshid, Modern Physics Letters A - Volume 463, Article Number 128670
Einstein Aggregation Operators under Bipolar Neutrosophic Environment with Applications in Multi-Criteria Decision-Making October 06, 2022 Muhammad Jamil, Farkhanda Afzal, Ali Akgul, Saleem Abdullah, Ayesha Maqbool, Abdul Razzaque , Muhammad Bilal Riaz, Jan Awrejcewicz, Applied Sciences - Volume 12(19), Article Number 10045
Col Military College of Sui November 14, 2018 - August 17, 2020
Lt Col NUTECH October 11, 2017 - November 20, 2018
Post Doctorate Researcher University of the West of England, Bristol February 17, 2016 - February 15, 2017
Lt Col NUST-NIPCONS, PMA August 13, 2014 - October 17, 2017
Lt Col Defence Org Pak (C4I Dte & C&IT) September 01, 2013 - August 05, 2014
Maj Aviation Engg Sch June 10, 2010 - August 12, 2012