Faculty Abdul Wakeel

Abdul Wakeel

Assistant Professor
  • Military College of Signals (MCS)

Academic Background
PhD (Wireless Comm & Signal Processing) Jacobs University Bremen September 01, 2012 - December 30, 2016
Honours and Awards
Robust and Least Complex Online Secondary Path Estimation in Broadband Feed-Forward Active Control of Impulsive Noise using FxLMAT Family June 07, 2022 HAHSIR ALI KHAN, Alina Mirza, Abdul Wakeel, MIR YASIR UMAIR, Fareeha Jabeen, Farkhanda Afzal, IEEE Access - Volume 10, Pages 58667-58676
ARP Overhead Reduction Framework for Software Defned Data Centers May 26, 2022 Maliha Safdar, Yawar Abbas, Mian Muhammad Waseem Iqbal, Mir Yasir Umair, Abdul Wakeel, Journal of Network and Systems Management - Volume 30, Article Number 50
Speech Recognition-Based Automated Visual Acuity Testing with Adaptive Mel Filter Bank February 01, 2022 Shibli Nisar, Muhammad Asghar Khan, Fahad Algarni, Abdul Wakeel, M. Irfan Uddin, Insaf Ullah, CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua - Volume.70, No.2, Pages 2991-3004
Efficient Prediction of Missed Clinical Appointment Using Machine Learning October 22, 2021 Zeeshan Qureshi, Ayesha Maqbool, Alina Mirza, Muhammad Zubair Iqbal, Farkhanda Afzal, Deborah Dormah Kanubala, Tauseef Rana, Mir Yasir Umair, Abdul Wakeel, Said Khalid Shah, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine - Volume 2021, Article ID 2376391, 10 pages
Enhanced Fingerprinting Based Indoor Positioning Using Machine Learning July 21, 2021 Waleed Pasha, Mir Yasir Umair, Alina Mirza, Rao Muhammad Faizan Gull, Safia Akram, Fazli Subhan, Wazir Zada Khan, Abdul Wakeel, CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua - Volume 69, No.2, Pages 1631-1652
Position Vectors Based Efficient Indoor Positioning System February 05, 2021 Ayesha Javed, Mir Yasir Umair, Alina Mirza, Abdul Wakeel, Fazli Subhan, Wazir Zada Khan, CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua - Volume 67, No.2, Pages 1781-1799
Frequency Limited & Weighted Model Reduction Algorithm With Error Bound: Application to Discrete-Time Doubly Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Turbines for Power System January 19, 2021 Sajid Bashir, Muhammad Imran, Sammana Batool, Muhammad Imran, Mian Ilyas Ahmed, Fahad Mumtaz Malik, Muhammad Salman, Abdul Wakeel, Usman Ali, IEEE Access - Volume 9, Pages 9505-9534
LS algorithm for PAR Reduction in OFDM based Massive MIMO Broadcast systems December 10, 2019 - December 12, 2019 Abdul Wakeel, Werner Henkel, Mir Yasir Umair, Abdul Wakeel, Werner Henkel, Mir Yasir Umair, IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT) -
Engineer Transmission PTCL January 01, 2006 - October 15, 2008
Internee January 01, 2005 - April 05, 2005