Faculty Asim Dilawar Bakhshi

Engr. Asim Dilawar Bakhshi

HOD Computer Software Engg
  • Military College of Signals
  • asim.dilawar@mcs.edu.pk
  • Doctoral

Academic Background
Computer Engineering (Digital Signal Processing) Doctoral University of Engineering and Technology Lahore March 15, 2007 - May 16, 2012
IoTBoT-IDS: A novel statistical learning-enabled botnet detection framework for protecting networks of smart cities September 01, 2021 Asim Dilawar Bakhshi, Javed Ashraf, Marwa Keshk, Nour Moustafa, Mohamed Abdel-Basset, Hasnat Khurshid, Reham R.Mostafa Sustainable Cities and Society - Volume 72, Article Number 103041
Novel Deep Learning-Enabled LSTM Autoencoder Architecture for Discovering Anomalous Events From Intelligent Transportation Systems July 01, 2021 Asim Dilawar Bakhshi, Javed Ashraf, Nour Moustafa, Hasnat Khurshid, Abdullah Javed, Amin Beheshti IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems - Volume 22, No. 7, Pages 4507-4518
An Application of Peircean Triadic Logic: Modelling Vagueness September 15, 2019 Asim Dilawar Bakhshi, Asim Raza, Basit Koshul Journal of Logic, Language and Information - Volume 28, Pages389–426
Active contour-based clutter defiance scheme for correlation filters May 02, 2019 Ahmed Bilal Awan, Asim Dilawar Bukhshi, Muhammad Abbas, Saad Rehman Electronics Letters - Volume 55, Issue 9, Pages 525-527
Composite filtering strategy for improving distortion invariance in object recognition August 01, 2018 Asim Dilawar Bakhshi, Ahmed Bilal Awan, Saad Rehman IET Image Process - Volume 12, Issue 8, Pages 1499–1509
A template matched-filter based scheme for detection and estimation of t-wave alternans September 01, 2014 Sajid Bashir, Asim Dilawar Bakhshi, Mohammad Ali Maud Biomedical Signal Processing and Control - Volume 13, Pages 247-261
Application of continuous-time wavelet entropy fordetection of cardiac repolarisation alternans October 01, 2013 Asim Dilawar Bakhshi, Sajid Bashir, Asim Loan, Muhammad Ali Maud IET Signal Processing - Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 783-790
Performance evaluation of diverse T-wave alternans estimators under variety of noise characterizations and alternans distributions December 08, 2012 Asim Dilawar Bakhshi, Sajid Bashir, Imran Shafi, Mohammad Ali Maud Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine - Volume 35, Pages 439-454
An improved statistical representation for ECG electrode movement and muscular activity noises in the context of T-wave alternan estimation May 01, 2012 Asim Dilawar Bakhshi, S. Bashir, M.A. Maud Biomedical Signal Processing and Control - Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 297-301
Detection of ECG T-wave Alternans Using Maxima of Continuous-Time Wavelet Transform Ridges January 01, 2012 Asim Dilawar Bakhshi, Abrar Ahmed , Sardar Muhammad Gulfam, Ali Khaqan , Azhar Yasin , Raja Ali Riaz , Khurram Saleem Alimgeer , Shahzad A. Malik, Shahid A. Khan, Aamir Hanif Dar Przeglad Elektrotechniczny - Volume 88, No. 12b, Pages 35-38
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