Faculty Faiz Ul Islam

Faiz Ul Islam

Assistant Professor
  • Military College of Signals
  • 05134485

Dr. Faiz Ul Islam serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Security at the Military College of Signals (MCS), NUST, Pakistan. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from UET Peshawar, Pakistan, in 2013; the MS and PhD degrees in Control Engineering from Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST), P. R. China, in 2017 and 2023 respectively. Prior to joining MCS, he served as a TVF (09-2022 to 07-2023) in the Department of Electrical Engineering, CEME-NUST. His research interests include Cryptography, Network Traffic Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He has published several research papers in well-reputed journals. Currently, he supervises 3 PhD and 2 MS students and serves as a committee member for several other students. Additionally, he holds administrative positions such as Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) and Course Advisor.

Academic Background
PhD (Control Science and Engineering) Nanjing University of Science and Technology January 01, 2018 - January 01, 2023
Honours and Awards
Tracking and detection of basketball movements using multi-feature data fusion and hybrid YOLO-T2LSTM network December 28, 2023 Xiaofei Li, Ronghua Luo, Faiz Ul Islam, Soft Computing - Volume:2023, Pages: 18
A deep learning-based framework to identify and characterise heterogeneous secure network traffic October 03, 2022 Faiz Ul Islam, Guangjie Liu, Weiwei Liu, Qazi Mazhar ul haq, IET Information Security - Pages 1-15
A Hybrid Hand-Crafted and Deep Neural Spatio-Temporal EEG Features Clustering Framework for Precise Emotional Status Recognition July 09, 2022 Qazi Mazhar ul Haq, Leehter Yao, Wahyu Rahmaniar, Fawad, Faiz Ul Islam, Sensors - Volume:22, Issue:14, Article Number: 5158
Performance Analysis of Wearable Dual-Band Patch Antenna Based on EBG and SRR Surfaces July 01, 2022 Abdul Wajid, Ashfaq Ahmad, Sadiq Ullah, Dong-you Choi, Faiz Ul Islam, Sensors - Volume:22, Issue:14, Article Number: 5208
VoIP Traffic Detection in Tunneled and Anonymous Networks Using Deep Learning April 26, 2021 Faiz Ul Islam, Guangjie Liu, Jiangtao Zhai, Weiwei Liu, IEEE Access - Volume 9, Pages 59783-59799
Identifying VoIP traffic in VPN tunnel via Flow Spatio-Temporal Features July 09, 2020 Faiz Ul Islam, Guangjie Liu, Weiwei Liu, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering - Volume 17, Issue 5, Pages 4747-4772
Image Encryption Scheme Based on 4D4W Hyperchaotic System November 01, 2018 Faiz Ul Islam, Guangjie Liu, Xiangyuan Li, Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing - Volume 9, Number 6, Pages 1391-1403
Designing S-Box Based on 4D-4Wing Hyperchaotic System February 21, 2017 Faiz Ul Islam, Guangjie Liu, 3D Research - Volume 8, Issue 1, Article Number 9
TVF CEME, NUST September 01, 2022 - June 01, 2023
BSS Engineer Egyptian Pakistani telecom services company (EPTSC), Pakistan December 01, 2013 - July 01, 2014