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Imran Rashid

Defence Employee
  • MCS
  • 9272102
  • irashid@mcs.edu.pk

Academic Background
PhD (Wireless Communication) University of Manchester 2007 - 2011
MS Telecommunication (Optical Communication) Technical University of Denmark 2001 - 2004
Honours and Awards
COAS Gold MedalGot first position in BE Telecommunication (TE-32)October 29, 1999.
ALAM: Anonymous Lightweight Authentication Mechanism for SDN Enabled Smart Homes June 06, 2021 Haider Abbas, Bilal Rauf, Yawar Abbas, Imran Rashid, Mian Muhammad Waseem Iqbal, Pan Deng, Jiafu Wan IEEE Internet of Things Journal - Volume 8, Issue 12, Pages 9622-9633
A multi-slotted 2-element quadband MIMO antenna for 4G and 5G applications May 31, 2021 Maryam Rasool, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti, Imran Rashid, Abdul Rauf, Adil Masood, Bilal Ijaz Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications - Pages 1-16
A new secure authentication based distance bounding protocol May 06, 2021 Ahmed Raheeq Sultan, Imran Rashid, Fawad Khan, Shahzaib Tahir, Maruf Pasha, Aiman Sultan PeerJ Computer Science - Volume 7, Article Number e517
Optimality of Linear MIMO Detection for 5G Systems via 1-Opt Local Search February 08, 2021 Kiran Khurshid, Adnan Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Haroon Siddiqui, Muhammad Usman Hadi, Imran Rashid, Muhammad Imran Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology - Pages 1-10
Efficient hybrid Neumann series based MMSE assisted detection for 5G and beyond massive MIMO systems December 27, 2020 Kiran Khurshid, Muhammad Imran, Adnan Ahmed Khan, Imran Rashid, Muhammad Haroon Siddiqui IET Communications - Volume 14, Issue 22, Pages 4142-4151
Joint admission control, cell association, power allocation and throughput maximization in decoupled 5G heterogeneous networks August 03, 2020 Humayun Zubair Khan, Mudassar Ali, Muhammad Naeem, Imran Rashid, Adil Masood Siddiqui, Muhammad Imran, Shahid Mumtaz Telecommunication Systems - Pages 1-14
SS7 Vulnerabilities - A Survey and Implementation of Machine Learning vs Rule Based Filtering for Detection of SS7 Network Attacks April 01, 2020 Imran Rashid, Hammad Afzal, Mian Muhammad Waseem Iqbal, Yawar Abbas Bangash, Haider Abbas IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials - Volume 22, Issue 2, Pages 1337-1371
Resource allocation in 5G heterogeneous networks with downlink-uplink decoupled access December 27, 2019 Humayun Zubair Khan, Imran Rashid, Muhammad Imran, Mudassar Ali, Muhammad Naeem Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies - Pages 1-18 (e3831)
Optimal Massive MIMO Detection for 5G Communication Systems via Hybrid n-Bit Heuristic Assisted-VBLAST December 13, 2019 Muhammad Haroon Siddiqui, Kiran Khurshid, Imran Rashid, Adnan Ahmed Khan, Khubaib Ahmed IEEE ACCESS - Volume: 7, Pages 73646-173656
A novel UWB MIMO antenna array with band notch characteristics using parasitic decoupler October 23, 2019 Muhammad Mateen Hassan, Maryam Rasool, Muhammad Umair Asghar, Zeeshan Zahid, Adnan Ahmed Khan, Imran Rashid, Abdul Rauf, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications - Pages 1-12
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Efficient Relay Selection Scheme Based On Fuzzy Logic for Cooperative Communication November 01, 2016 Shakeel Ahmad Waqas, Nisar Khan, Imran Touqir, Imran Rashid INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED COMPUTER SCIENCE AND APPLICATIONS -
Resource Allocation and Throughput Maximization in Decoupled 5G 2020 - 2020 Humayun Zubair Khan, Mudassar Ali, Muhammad Naeem, Imran Rashid, Adil Masood Siddiqui, Shahid Mumtaz, Muhammad Imran IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) - South Korea
Ease or Privacy? A Comprehensive Analysis of Android Embedded Adware 2018 - 2018 Anum Javaid, Imran Rashid, Haider Abbas, Mariagrazia Fugini IEEE 27th International Conference on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE) held from 27-29 June 2018 in France - France
Decentralized Authentication for Secure Cloud Data Sharing 2018 - 2018 Waseem Iqbal, Subas Khan, Bilal Rauf, Imran Rashid IEEE 27th International Conference on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE) - France
New technique: Surface modeling of dual polarized RADARs antenna structure for cross polarization reduction 2017 - 2017 ZarKhitab, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti, Adnan Ahmed Khan, Adil Masood Siddiqui, Imran Rashid 2017 IEEE 6th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE) - Japan
Teaching Experience:
InstructorMCS NUSTSeptember 11, 2011 -