Faculty Maryam Rasool

Maryam Rasool

  • Military College of Signals (MCS)
  • 5615234440

I joined MCS back in 2013 as a lab engineer. I was promoted to the post of lecturer after MS completion in Feb 2016.

Academic Background
PhD (Antennas) NUST, Islamabad October 18, 2017 - February 21, 2022
Honours and Awards
Campus Silver Medal Awarded a Campus Silver Medal in BS Electrical (Telecom) Engineering September 15, 2012
Institute Gold Medal Awarded an Institute Gold Medal in BS Electrical (Telecom) Engineering September 15, 2012
A multi-slotted 2-element quadband MIMO antenna for 4G and 5G applications May 31, 2021 Maryam Rasool, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti, Imran Rashid, Abdul Rauf , Adil Masood, Bilal Ijaz, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications - Pages 1-16
A Compact Circular Loop Inspired Frequency and Bandwidth Reconfigurable Antenna for 4G, 5G, and X- Band Applications September 01, 2020 Aabia Khan, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti, Bilal Ijaz, Adnan Iftikhar, Maryam Rasool, Aabia Khan, Bilal Ijaz, Adnan Iftikhar, Radioengineering - Volume 29, Number 3, Pages 471-478
A novel UWB MIMO antenna array with band notch characteristics using parasitic decoupler October 23, 2019 Muhammad Mateen Hassan, Maryam Rasool, Muhammad Umair Asghar, Zeeshan Zahid, Adnan Ahmed Khan, Imran Rashid, Abdul Rauf, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications - Pages 1-12
A compact open complementary split ring resonator inspired triband reconfigurable coplanar waveguide fed antenna June 01, 2018 Maryam Rasool, Rabiya Farooq, Muhammad Hashir Rashid, Abdullah Zafar, Hira Afzal, Khurram Saleem Alimgeer, Bilal Ijaz, Adnan Iftikhar, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters - Volume 60, Issue 6, Pages 1454-1459
A Compact Multi-slotted Quadband Antenna Array for 5G mmWave Applications October 27, 2021 - October 28, 2021 Maryam Rasool, Zayyad Bin Tariq, Bilal Ijaz, Adnan Iftikhar, Farooq Ahmed Bhatti, 7th International Conference on Engineering and Emerging Technologies (ICEET) -
A Compact Tri band Microstrip Slotted Antenna with Defected Ground for Wireless Applications December 13, 2017 - December 15, 2017 Maryam Rasool, Novera Tahir, Bilal Ijaz, K. S. Alimgeer, M. S. Khan, 2017 11th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems (ICSPCS) -