Faculty Mir Yasir Umair


Assistant Professor
  • MCS
  • NIL

Academic Background
communication and information systems (INDOOR POSITIONING) Beihang university 2011 - 2015
MS Wireless Networks (WIRELESS COMMUNICATION) Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London 2008 - 2009
BE (Wireless Networks) COMSATS Institute of Information Technology - 2007
Honours and Awards
Best Teacher Award 2016Given by MCSOctober 11, 2017.
Double-diffusivity convection on Powell-Eyring nanofluids in non-uniform inclined channel under the impact of peristaltic propulsion and induced magnetic field May 05, 2021 Safia Akram, Maria Athar, Khalid Saeed, Mir Yasir Umair European Physical Journal Plus - Volume 136, Article Number 494
Impact of partial slip and lateral walls on peristaltic transport of a couple stress fluid in a rectangular duct May 01, 2021 Safia Akram, Najma Saleem, Mir Yasir Umair, Sufian Munawar Science Progress - Volume 104(2), Pages 1-17
Position Vectors Based Efficient Indoor Positioning System February 05, 2021 Ayesha Javed, Mir Yasir Umair, Alina Mirza, Abdul Wakeel, Fazli Subhan, Wazir Zada Khan CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua - Volume 67, No.2, Pages 1781-1799
Less complex solutions for active noise control of impulsive noise March 01, 2020 Alina Mirza, Ayesha Zeb, Mir Yasir Umair, Danish Ilyas, Shahzad Amin Sheikh Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing - Volume 102, Pages 507–521
A Modified Filtered-x LMAT Algorithm for Active Noise Control of Impulsive Noise 2019 - 2019 Alina Mirza, Ayesha Zeb, Mir Yasir Umair, Abid Hussain IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT) - United Arab Emirates
LS algorithm for PAR Reduction in OFDM based Massive MIMO Broadcast systems 2019 - 2019 Abdul Wakeel, Werner Henkel, Mir Yasir Umair IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT) - United Arab Emirates
Localization of a Mobile Node Using Fingerprinting in an Indoor Environment 2018 - 2018 Mir Yasir Umair 2018 the 7th International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems - China
Professional Experience:
Network EngrHazara Comm Pvt LtdSeptember 01, 2007 - June 15, 2008