Faculty Muhammad Sohail

Muhammad Sohail

Assistant Professor

Dr. Muhamad Sohail's core area of research is Software Engineering, Software Define Networks, Computer Networks & Information Security, Wireless Communication, with more than five years of Teaching and Technical Professional experience. He was awarded the Best Researcher Award in 2019-2020. With more than 20 publications in international peer-reviewed impact factor journals, he is supervising one Ph.D. and 1 MS student. He is also working as PI & Co-PI on Funded Projects. He is a member of the organizing Co-Chair Commeetii for IEEE-ComTech 2023. He also served as a Technical Co-Chair member of IEEE-ITIA held at Jiangsu University China in November 2020. He is also an Editorial team member for reviewing reputed academic journals like Neural Computing and Applications, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, Sustainable Cities and Society, IET Information Security, IET Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, and IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics.

Academic Background
PhD (Computer Application Technologies) Jiangsu University of Science and Technology September 10, 2016 - January 31, 2020
Honours and Awards
High-precision Identification of Power Quality Disturbances based on Discrete Orthogonal S-Transforms and Compressed Neural Network Methods August 16, 2023 Muhammad Abubakar, Arfan Ali Nagra, Muhammad Faheem, Muhammad Mudassar, Muhammad Sohail, IEEE Access - Volume 11, Pages 85571-85588
SDSM: Secure Data Sharing for Multilevel Partnerships in IoT Based Supply Chain December 15, 2022 Chuntang Yu , Yongzhao Zhan, Muhammad Sohail, Symmetry - Volume 14(12), Article Number 2656
Effective Consensus-Based Distributed Auction Scheme for Secure Data Sharing in Internet of Things August 11, 2022 Xuedan Jia, Xiangmei Song, Muhammad Sohail, Symmetry - Volume 14(8), Article Number 1664
New Trends and Advancement in Next Generation Mobile Wireless Communication (6G): A Survey December 11, 2021 Sher Ali, Muhammad Sohail, Syed Bilal Hussain Shah, Deepika Koundal, Muhammad Abul Hassan, Asrin Abdollahi, Inam Ullah Khan, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing - Volume 2021, Article ID 9614520, 14 pages
Deep Learning (DL) Based Joint Resource Allocation and RRH Association in 5G-Multi-Tier Networks September 01, 2021 Sher Ali, Amir Haider, Muhibur Rhaman, Muhammad Sohail, Yousaf Bin Zikria, IEEE Access - Volume 9, Pages 118357-118366
Elastic caching solutions for content dissemination services of ip-based internet technologies prospective May 01, 2021 Yahui Meng, · Muhammad Ali Naeem, Muhammad Sohail, Ali Kashif Bashir, Rashid Ali, Yousaf Bin Zikria, Multimedia Tools and Applications - Volume 80, Pages16997–17022
Generalized Multi-manifold Graph Ensemble Embedding for Multi-View Dimensionality Reduction December 28, 2020 Sumet Mehta, Muhammad Sohail, Jasjit Singh Samagh, Silki Baghla, Lahore Garrison University Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology - Volume 4(4), Pages 55-72
greenMAC Protocol: A Q-Learning-Based Mechanism to Enhance Channel Reliability for WLAN Energy Savings October 19, 2020 Rashid Ali, Muhammad Sohail, Alaa Omran Almagrabi, Arslan Musaddiq , Byung-Seo Kim, Electronics - Volume 9(10), Article Number 1720
TrustWalker: An Efficient Trust Assessment in Vehicular Internet of Things (VIoT) with Security Consideration July 16, 2020 Muhammad Sohail, Rashid Ali, Muhammad Kashif, Sher Ali, Sumet Mehta, Yousaf Bin Zikria , Heejung Yu, Sensors - Volume 20(14), Article Number 3945
Efficient data handover and intelligent information assessment in software-defined vehicular social networks December 01, 2019 Muhammad Sohail, Liangmin Wang, Rashid Ali, Sajjad Rahim, Jiaying Yao, IET Intelligent Transport Systems - Volume 13, Issue 12, Pages 1814-1821
Multi-hop interpersonal trust assessment in vehicular ad-hoc networks using three-valued subjective logic May 01, 2019 Muhammad Sohail, Liangmin Wang, Shunrong Jiang, Samar Zaineldeen, Rana Umair Ashraf, IET Information Security - Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 223-230
A Robust Security Architecture for SDN-Based 5G Networks March 28, 2019 Jiaying Yao, Zhigeng Han , Muhammad Sohail, Liangmin Wang, Future Internet - Volume 11(4), Article Number 85
3VSR: Three Valued Secure Routing for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks using Sensing Logic in Adversarial Environment March 14, 2018 Muhammad Sohail, Liangmin Wang, Sensors - Volume 18(3), Article Number 856
Smart Cities Paradigm with AI-Enabled Effective Requirements Engineering November 06, 2023 - November 07, 2023 Asima Bashir, Niha Latif, Arisha Masood Kha, Muhammad Sohail, IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies (ICET 2023)
tress Avoidance and Exercise recommendation Through CVS Posture Observation October 03, 2022 - October 04, 2022 Arfan Ali Nagra, Muhammad Sohail, Kiran Amjad, Muhammad Asif, Sher Ali, ICIT 2022 International Conference on IT and Industrial Technologies
Trust Mechanism Based AODV Routing Protocol for Forward Node Authentication in Mobile Ad Hoc Network December 17, 2017 - December 20, 2017 Muhammad Sohail, Liangmin Wang, Bushra Yamin, International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
Trust Model Based Uncertainty Analysis Between Multi-path Routes in MANET Using Subjective Logic October 12, 2017 - October 14, 2017 Muhammad Sohail, Liangmin Wang, Bushra Yamin, China Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks
Performance Analysis of WiMax LDPC Based Cooperative Communication Using TWRN March 15, 2016 - March 16, 2016 Muhammad Sohail, Imran Khan, Sadaqat Jan, Ibrar Ali Shah, 1st National Conference on “Emerging Trends and Innovations in Computing & Technology
Assistant Professor Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology March 01, 2020 - April 21, 2021
PhD Research Scholar Jiangsu University September 10, 2016 - September 27, 2019
Exective NOC Engr WorldCall Telecom Ltd August 18, 2011 - May 27, 2013