Faculty Rishi Naeem

Rishi Naeem

Assistant Professor
  • Military College of Signals
  • 0519271504

Dr. Rishi Naeem is a faculty member at MCS, NUST. She has also been teaching at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Sciences and Technology Swabi as a permanent faculty member and as a visiting faculty member at the Institute of Space Technology and NUST Islamabad. Her research interests include Convex Analysis and Graph Theory. She has also completed Young Scientists Fellowship sponsored by British Council and HEC in Scotland UK. Dr. Rishi has been position holder throughout her academic career.

Academic Background
PhD (Convex Analysis) NUST, Islamabad June 27, 2013 - December 23, 2019
Honours and Awards
Construction of solitary wave solutions of bi-harmonic coupled Schrödinger system through ϕ6 -methodology March 07, 2023 Muhammad Sajid Iqbal, M. S. Hashemi, Rishi Naeem, Muhammad Akhtar Tarar, Misbah Farheen, Mustafa Inc, Optical and Quantum Electronics - Volume 55, Issue 5, Article Number 404
Dynamical behavior of cancer cell densities in two dimensional domain by the representation theory of solitons March 05, 2023 Muhammad Sajid Iqbal, Nauman Ahmed, Rishi Naeem, Ali Akgül, Abdul Razzaque, Mustafa Inc, Hina Khurshid, Modern Physics Letters A - Volume 463, Article Number 128670
Existence theories and exact solutions of nonlinear PDEs dominated by singularities and time noise January 09, 2023 Muhammad Ozair Ahmad, Rishi Naeem, Muhammad Akhtar Tarar, Muhammad Sajid Iqbal, Mustafa Inc, Farkhanda Afzal, Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control - Vol 28, No 2, Pages:194-208
Weighted Jessen's functionals and exponential convexity May 24, 2019 Rishi Naeem, Matloob Anwar, Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science -JMCS - Volume 19, Issue 3, Pages 171--180
On the Metric Dimension of Generalized Petersen Multigraphs November 30, 2018 Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Kamran Siddiqui, Rishi Naeem, IEEE Access - Volume 6, Pages 74328-74338
On resolvability and exchange property in antiweb-wheels September 01, 2017 Rishi Naeem, Muhammad Imran, Utilitas Mathematica - Volume: 104, Pages:187-200
Jessen type functionals and exponential convexity August 28, 2017 Rishi Naeem, Matloob Anwar, Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science - Volume 17, Issue 3, Pages 429-436
𝑚-Exponential Convexity of Refinements of Hermite-Hadamards Inequality May 01, 2017 Rishi Naeem, Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences: A. Physical and Computational Sciences - Volume 54(2), Pages 197-205
Exponential convexity for Jensen’s inequality for norms December 01, 2016 Julije Jakšetic, Rishi Naeem, Josip Pecaric, Journal of Inequalities and Applications - Volume 2016, Article Number 54
Metric dimension and exchange property for resolving sets in rotationally-symmetric graphs July 01, 2014 Rishi Naeem, Muhammad Imran, Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences - Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 1665-1674
Research Associate/Lecturer Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Topi August 24, 2017 - August 17, 2018
Visiting Faculty National University of Sciences & Technology, June 01, 2015 - August 23, 2017
Visiting Faculty Institute of Space Technology March 03, 2014 - July 30, 2014