News 3rd IEEE International Conference on Communication Technologies 2021 (ComTech-2021)

3rd IEEE International Conference on Communication Technologies 2021 (ComTech-2021)


Military College of Signals (MCS), a Campus of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), is dedicated to advancing knowledge and educating students in science and technology. As part of its continuing pursuit for excellence in research, MCS organised 3rd IEEE International Conference on Communication Technologies (ComTech-2021) in collaboration with National Cyber Security Auditing and Evaluation Lab (NCSAEL), MCS, NUST, IEEE and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The conference focused on the future roadmap of Telecommunication, Software Engineering & Information/Cyber Security to meet the real world challenges in these fields of technology.

Invited Talks
Prof. Omer Rana
School of Computer Science and Informatics
Cardiff University, UK

Topic : Data Privacy Re-visited During Covid19

Prof. Siraj Ahmed Shaikh
Institute for Future transport and Cities
Coventry University, UK.

Topic : Assuring systems security: Tackling engineering, monitoring, and perception

Prof. Muhammad Ali Imran
Professor of Communication Systems / Dean
University of Glasgow, Scotland

Topic : Energy and cost efficient 5G – An opportunity to bridge the digital divide

Prof Dr. Kashif Prof. Dr. Kashif Kifayat
Director National Centre for Cyber Security
Air University Islamabad, Pakistan

Topic : Pakistan the Next Frontier in Cyber Security

Prof. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti
Professor/Dean ORIC
Capital University of Science and Technology, Pakistan

Topic : Indigenous development of radars in Pakistan

Prof. Saad Naeem Zafar
Deputy Vice Chancellor and Professor of Computing
Riphah International University, Pakistan

Topic : From Cybersecurity to Cyber Power – Understanding the Paradigm Shift in the Age of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Dr. Basit Shafiq
Chair and Associate Professor
Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan

Topic : Blockchain based auditable access control for distributed business processes

Dr. Najam Abbas Naqvi
Head of Department
Institute of Space Technology, Pakistan

Topic : Space Technology for achieving UN SDGs

Dr. Hammad Afzal
Associate Professor
National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan

Topic : Machine Learning and its applications