News IAB Meeting 2024

IAB Meeting 2024


On March 6, 2024, Military College of Signals held the meeting of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) chaired by Dr Asif Masood, Dean MCS. With 21 Industrial advisors present, it was a lively and interactive session, various representatives of the industry offered valuable advice and insight on how to improve the structure of internships, refine the curriculum to make it in sync with the latest industry trends, updating of PEOs and KPIs, and enhance research and industrial cooperation so the synergy between the industry and the academia increases. Discussions were also held on how to synchronise student Final Year Projects with their internships so both the students and the industry can benefit from the projects sponsored by the industry.

Another thoughtful suggestion was to utilise technology to provide students with virtual internships following the current Work from Home trend which will be safer from the health perspective and more convenient for the students.

A very insightful idea given was that faculty should also do internships with the industry to enhance their own linkages with the industry and get up to date with the latest industry trends.

The meeting ended with a lunch at the MCS café.