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Cyber Security Research Group

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Cyber Security Research Group (CRG) at Department of Information Security, Military College of Signals, National University of Sciences and Technology focuses on the primary objective to bring together expertise in education, research and practice in the field of information security. The group members conduct research in areas spanning from the theoretical foundations of cryptography to the design and implementation of leading-edge efficient and secure communication protocols. Key areas of lab’s technological expertise include but not limited Network/Computer/Wireless Security, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering, Cloud Computing Security, Internet of Things (IoT) Security, Fog Computing Security, Cryptography and Cryptanalysis. Over the years, experience and expertise in these areas have been developed through teaching relevant courses, conducting undergraduate projects, postgraduate research thesis and conducting numerous conferences and workshops in the domain.

1.​   Research Areas

  • Security Assessment (for applications and OS)
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Readiness and Preparedness for CCTL Assessment
  • Digital Forensic
  • Block Chain
  • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • Wireless Sensor Networks Security
  • Malware analysis and Reverse Engineering
  • Cloud Computing Security

2.   Group Senior Members ​

​​​Facult​y ​​​ ​ ​​ ​
S.No.   Name Qualification  Specialization Contact Details
1. Dr. Hiader Abbas (Group Head) Ph.D Information Security
2. Dr. Imran Rashid Ph.D Wireless and Mobile Communication Systems
3. Dr. Abdul Rauf Ph.D Telecommunication Engineering / Optical Communication
4. Dr. Asif Masood Ph.D Digital Image Processing


​​​Grou​p Members ​ ​​ ​ ​
S.No.   Name Qualification  Specialization​ Contact Details
1. Dr. Faisal Amjad Ph.D Computer Science
2. Dr. Tayyab Ali Ph.D Audio Compression and Cryptography
3. Dr. Rabia Latif Ph.D Information Security
4. Dr. Hammad Afzal Ph.D Computer Science
5. Dr. Mehreen Afzal Ph.D Information Security


​​​​Students ​​ ​ ​
S.No.   Name Qualification  Specialization Contact Details
1. Waleed Bin Shahid Ph.D (In Progress) Information Security
2. Narmeen Shafqat Ph.D (In Progress) Information Security
3. Bilal Rauf Ph.D (In Progress) Information Security
4. Adeela Abbas Ph.D (In Progress) Information Security
5. Muzammil Noor Ph.D (In Progress) Information Security
6. Ayesha Altaf Ph.D (In Progress) Information Security
7. Tehreem Yaqoob MS in Progess Information Security
8. Faiza Mir MS in Progess Information Security

​Alumni ​​
S.No.   Name Qualification  Specialization Contact Details
1. Waqas Ahmed Khan M.S Information Security
2. Ijaz Ahmad M.S Information Security

3.   Research Areas

Research Facilities

  • Information Security Lab
  • Information Security Research Lab
​​Research Projects ​​
S.No.   Project Title Name of Student  Names of Supervisor Status
1. Location Privacy in GSM Networks Using Location Based Services Muhammad Junaid Khan Dr. Haider Abbas Completed
2. To investigate Security Requirements Engineering of Cloud users  for Cloud Computing projects” Rida Naveed Dr. Haider Abbas Completed
3. Wearable Internet of Things (WIoT): Assessment of Andriod Wear 2″ Muhammad Abdul Rahman Zia Dr. Haider Abbas On-going
4. Ransomware Mitigation for Internet of Things Zikrat Jamil Dr. Haider Abbas On-going
5. A Computational Forensic Framework for Detection of Hidden Applications on Android Tahira Rasul Dr. Rabia On-going
6. Vulnerabilities of SSL Inspection Shahid Rafiq Dr. Mehreen On-going
7. Statically predicting vulnerabilities in executable using Artificial Neural Networks Ahsan Yasin Dr. Faisal Amjad On-going
8. Android Application Collusion Attacks Analysis Hafiz Muhammad Arslan Maqsood Dr. Faisal Amjad On-going
9. Fpremsocs Ama;usos pf Third Party Social Networking Application on Andriod Smartphone Noor Ul Ain Ali Assistant Professor Waseem Iqbal On-going

Contact Persons

Asst Prof Mian Muhammad Waseem Iqbal


Contact Address

Department of Information Security
Military College of Signals
Humayun Road


Journal Papers

  • J. Wan; S. Tang; D. Li; S. Wang; C. Liu; H. Abbas; A. V. Vasilakos, “A Manufacturing Big Data Solution for Active Preventive Maintenance,” in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol.PP, no.99, pp.1-1doi: 10.1109/TII.2017.2670505 {Impact Factor: 6.7, ISI-EI Indexed}
  • Rana Aamir Raza  Ashfaq,  Xizhao Wang, Joshua Zhexue  HUANG, Haider  Abbas, Yulin HE, “Fuzziness based semi-supervised learning approach for Intrusion Detection System (IDS)” Information Sciences (Elsevier), {Impact factor: 4.8 , ISI-EI Indexed}
  • Dawei Jin, Xiao Ma, Yin Zhang, Haider Abbas, Han Yu ,  Information Diffusion Model based on Social Big Data, Mobile Networks and Applications {Impact factor: 3.2, ISI-EI Indexed} (Accepted- In Press Available online).
  • Dawei Jin , Si Shi , Yin Zhang , Haider Abbas , Guolin Pan, A complex event processing framework for an adaptive language learning system, Future Generation Computer Systems (Elsevier), {Impact factor: 3.9, ISI-EI Indexed}
  • Muneeb Ahmed Sahi, Haider Abbas, Kashif Saleem, Mian M Waseem Iqbal, Privacy Preservation in e-Healthcare Environments: State of the Art and Future Directions., IEEE Access 6: 464-478 (2018)

Conference Papers

  • M Haseeb Jalalzai,  Waleed Bin Shahid,  Waseem Iqbal “Towards a Brain-Computer Interface using Wavelet Transform with Averaged and Time Segmented Adapted Wavelets”, M. Bilal Khalid; Naveed Iqbal Rao; Intisar Rizwan-i-Haque; Sarmad Munir; Farhan Tahir; 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computer, Control and Communication, IEEE IC4 2009 Pakistan.
  • Safwat Irteza Butt and   A. A. Khan “An Improved ZF- ML Decoder for Space-Time Block codes over Time-Selective Channels” submitted in 2009 IEEE Symposium on Industrial Electronics and Applications – Computer Networks and Communications. 04~ 06 Oct 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Shahzaib Tahir, Waseem Iqbal, Big Data- An Evolving Concern for Forensic Investigators First International Conference on Anti-Cybercrime (ICACC-2015),  First International Conference on Anti-Cybercrime (ICACC-2015, 9-11 Feb 2015,
  • Ishfaq, H.; Waleed Bin Shahid, Waseem Iqbal, Attaining accessibility and personalization with Socio-Captcha (SCAP), 12th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology (IBCAST), 2015, pp. 307-311, 13-17 Jan. 2015, Islamabad, URL: 

Useful Links

List of HEC Recognized Journals:

  • Journal of Forensic Sciences
  • Information Management & Computer Security
  • IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
  • ACM Transactions on Information and System Security
  • Security and Communication Networks
  • Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective
  • Computers & Security
  • International Journal of Information Security
  • Journal of Information Assurance and Security
  • Journal of Computer Security
  • International Journal of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity
  • Journal of Informatics and Telematics
  • Digital Investigation
  • Future Generation Computer Systems 

List of Conferences:

  • WETICE 2018
  • Globecom 2018
  • IWCMC 2018
  • IFIP 2018
  • MILCOM 2018

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