Researches Wireless Communications Systems

Wireless Communications Systems

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Wireless Communications Systems Research group at Department of Electrical Engineering, MCS, focuses on research activities related to design, simulation, analysis and implementation of wireless communications systems. The areas of interest are, but not limited to: Multi-Input Multi-output (MIMO), Massive MIMO, Orthogonal Division Multiple Access (OFDM), Cognitive Spectrum Sensing, Cooperative Communications, Compressed Sensing, Green Communications, Long Term Evolution (LTE) Systems, Wireless Channel Modeling, Spread Spectrum System, and Satellite Communication Systems. Over the years, experience and expertise in these areas have been developed through teaching relevant courses, conducting undergraduate projects and postgraduate research thesis.

​1.   R​esearch​ Areas​

Research, Performance Analysis, Simulations and Development of Physical Layer techniques are used to improve the performance of Advanced Wireless Systems such as LTE, WiMAX, etc. These techniques include:

  • Multi-Input Multi-output (MIMO), Massive MIMO
  • Adaptive Antenna Grouping MIMO Channels
  • Application of HARQ and Network Coding for Overloaded MIMO Systems
  • Orthogonal Division Multiple Access (OFDM)
  • Cognitive Spectrum Sensing, Cooperative Communications
  • Compressed Sensing, Green Communications

2.  Research Gr​​oup Members

Faculty ​ ​ ​​​
Contact Details
Dr. Adnan Ahmed Khan
(Group Head)


​Assistant Professor
Wireless Communication System
Dr. Imran Rashid ​Assistant Professor
Telecomm Engineering
Fazal Ahmed ​Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecomm System
4 Umar Khalid ​Assistant Professor MPhil Telecommunication Engineering
5 Tauqeer Ahmed ​Assistant Professor MS Telecommunication Engineering
6 Dr. Muhammad Imran ​Assistant Professor Ph.D Control system
7 Dr. Mir Yasir Umair ​Assistant Professor Ph.D Wireless Networks/ Communication Systems
8 Dr. Alina Mirza ​Assistant Professor Ph.D DSP and Communication Systems
Danish Ilyas
Wireless Communication
10​ Dr. Naeem Zafar Azeemi Ph.D Mobile Computing
Student Member(s)​
S/No Name Qualification Specialisation Contact Details
Muhammad Atif Cheema
Ph.D Wireless Communication
2 Muhammad Haroon  Siddiqui MS Telecommunication
3 Kiran Kurshid Ph.D Telecommunication
4 Muhammad Mateen Hassan Ph.D Telecommunication
5 Muhammad Fawad Khan MS Telecommunication
6 Ahmed Saad MS Telecommunication
7 Ahsan Javid MS Telecommunication
8 Ayesha javed MS Telecommunication
9 Naureen Mujtaba MS Telecommunication
10 Naveed Ahmed Chugtai MS Telecommunication
11 Afsheen Mehmood MS Telecommunication


S/No Name Qualification Specialisation Contact Details
Rabia Fatima
MS Telecommunication
2 Aamina Hassan MS Telecommunication
3 Sadia Hussain Ph.D Telecommunication

​3.   Research Facilities

  • ​Wireless Communications Lab
  • Satellite Communications Lab

​5.   Research Projects

Project Title​
Names of Supervisor Status​
Establishment of Satellite Communication System Design lab at MCS
Dr. Adnan Ahmed Khan
Establishment of Advanced Wireless Communication
Dr. Adnan Ahmed Khan

6.   Publications

Journal Papers:​

Adnan A Khan and Kiran Khursheed, “Big Data Assisted CRAN Enabled 5G SON Architecture”, KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, 2018.

​List of HEC Recognised Journals:

  • KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems.
  • International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems
  • IEEE Technical Journal
  • IEEE Systems Journal
  • Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

List of Upcoming Conferences:

  • 2018 International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems Title: “Localization of a Mobile Node Using Fingerprinting in an Indoor Environment”.
  • 2018 “Reducing HARQ Retransmissions by Using Multi-Stage Detector in Overloaded MIMO”.
  •  2018 “Reducing HARQ Retransmissions in Overloaded MIMO using different detection and retransmission schemes”.
  • 2018 PIMRC “Performance Analysis of Wavelet Based Blind Detection and Hop Time Estimation Algorithm for Frequency Hopping Signals in HF Band”.
  • 2018 IEEE ICC “HARQ Based N-to-1 Retransmission Scheme for Multiuser Detection in Overloaded MIMO Systems”.
  • 2018 Technical Journal “Big Data-9Vs, Challenges and Solutions”.
  • 2018 IEEE Systems Journal “Bit Data Assisted CRAN Enabled 5G SON Architecture”.

List of Upco​ming Journals:

  • 2018 Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences “Performance analysis of wavelet based blind detection and hop time estimation algorithm for frequency hopping signals in HF band”
  • 2018 Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering  “Dual Polarized Bowtie Antenna Structure Modelling For Reduced Cross Polarization And Increased Isolation”

Contact Research Group:

Dr. Adnan Ahmed Khan
Assistant Professor, MCS
Contact Address
Department of Computer Software Engineering
Military College of Signals, Humayun Road
Telephone      : +92-51-9270284
Email        : ​​​

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