MCS Research


MCS is collaborating with different international universities in research and development. List of universities is as follows: Michigan State University, USA. University of Central Florida, USA. Surrey University, UK.


Faculty and students research publications in Journal and Conferences are as follows :- Conference Publications - Year 2019 Tehreem Aslam, Tauseef Rana,Amna Naheed, Marwa Batool and Asma Andleeb "Quality based Software Architectural Decision Making" ComTech-2019, 20-21 March 2019, MCS, NUST, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Mathematical Modelling and Simulations

Mathematics plays a very vital role in all branches of science and engineering, especially in conducting research activities.  Since Mathematical Modelling and Simulations is a very board area, which is applicable to almost all fields of research whether it is Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences or Medical Sciences.

Signal Processing

The Signal Processing Research Group at MCS focuses research activities related to design and implementation of signal processing algorithms. The group is working on concepts related to market-based applications with the aim to enhance undergraduate and postgraduate students design skills.​

Image Processing

The Image Processing Research Group at Department of Electrical Engineering, MCS focuses on research activities related to design, analysis, simulation and implementation of image processing techniques and algorithms. The areas of interest are, but not limited to image  and video enhancement, fusion, segmentation, compression, registration, Ortho-rectification,  mosaicing and stabilisation.etc.

Wireless Communications Systems

Wireless Communications Systems Research group at Department of Electrical Engineering, MCS, focuses on research activities related to design, simulation, analysis and implementation of wireless communications systems.

Electromagnetic Research Group for RF And Microwave

Antennas and microwave circuits are integral parts of wireless communication system. The requirement of high data rates in 5G/6G technologies has further emphasized the demand for high efficiency and wide band antennas as well as microwave circuits. The research group at the Department of Electrical Engineering is focused on the design, simulation, fabrication and characterization of efficient as well as low cost antennas and microwave circuits for microwave frequencies.

Control Systems Research Group

The Control Systems research group is a newly formulated research group at MCS, and focuses on research-based activities related to Model/ Controller reduction, UAV’s control and several other control related applications. The group is working on concepts related to market-based applications with the aim to enhance undergraduate and postgraduate students' design/ research skills.

Center of Data & Text Engineering and Mining (CoDTeEM)

We conduct research mainly in Text and Data Mining domain. We aim to specialize in Social Media Analysis for Regional Languages (e.g. Urdu, Pashto). Furthermore, we investigate methodologies for the extraction of implicit knowledge from large collections of textual documents.

Software and Information Engineering Group

The Software and Information Engineering Group focuses on the technologies/ methods for effective and useful system construction in the wider domain of software/information engineering.

Software Defined Technologies Group (SDTG)

Traditionally, a radio system such as a portable FM radio had its components implemented entirely in hardware, as in the amplifiers, filters, mixers and other electronic components on a circuit board.

Cyber Security Research Group

Cyber Security Research Group (CRG) at Department of Information Security, Military College of Signals, National University of Sciences and Technology focuses on the primary objective to bring together expertise in education, research and practice in the field of information security.

National Cyber Security Auditing and Evaluation Lab (NCSAEL)

NCSAEL is Pakistan’s first source of expertise in the field of Information security, typically focused on: ​Security assessment and auditing of foreign and local IT security products/ services Indigenous development of specialized tools/ software for carrying out security screening and malware analysis, Capacity building for Common Criteria Testing Lab (CCTL) through assessment of security targets, And much more...