Departments Department of Information Security

Department of Information Security

Department of Information Security at Military College of Signals with its inherent strength of profound traditions and cherished history is the 1st ever institute in Pakistan offering MS and PhD degrees in Information Security with emphasis on Cryptology, Computer/Network Security, Information security management and Digital Forensics.

The department was Established as Cryptology Dept in 1996 under the direction of Cabinet Division, Govt of Pakistan and Re-designated as Information Security Dept in 2001.The department is well known for its high-quality research and state-of-the-art education for students. The faculty members are renowned experts in their respective fields, contributing significantly to cutting-edge research and innovations. The department’s commitment to excellence in both research and education sets it apart, attracting top-tier students and faculty from around the world.

The research conducted in the department is often groundbreaking and has a significant impact on the relevant industry or academic field. Faculty members regularly publish their work in prestigious journals, present at international conferences, and collaborate with leading experts in the field. This dedication to advancing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of research contributes to the department’s reputation for producing valuable contributions to the academic community and beyond.

Head of Department Message

Dr. Faisal Amjad

Department of Information Security is educating the students in different fields of Information Security since 1997. Department of Information Security has the honor of introducing/offering MS and PhD programs in Information Security first time in Pakistan (in year 2001) under NUST. The department also holds the honor to introduce 1st ever Bachelors in Information Security in Pakistan (in year 2020). Over 250 MS and 10 PhD students have already graduated from this department. Various graduates of this department have completed their PhDs from foreign universities of high repute. Gradates of this department are serving the nation in almost all the industries of Pakistan related to Information Security. We have excellent lab facilities in the department including software tools needed for research in various areas of information security. The department has strong collaboration with various industries of information security including government and civil sector and international forums like ISACA and EC-Council. The department organizes various trainings, workshops and short courses for advanced education of our students and professionals. Department welcomes all prospective BE/MS/PhD students in the field of Information Security.

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